Monday, February 15, 2010

13th February, 2010 - Bomb blast in Pune

So busy with my Valentine blues that it skipped my mind to mention about the bomb blast that occurred in Pune on 13th Feb. Well most of my news comes from Sonia ji but so far I have heard that the explosion took place in some stupid German Bakery where there were always complains about they serving stale food and customers were mostly dopers than anybody else. Sadly though atleast 9 people were left dead with 57 wounded badly. May their souls rest in peace.

As always, after any terrorist attack, I always seem to feel helpless about the situation. But I have already asked my people to dig into this matter and get to the bottom of this asap. My sincere apoligies if they fail to deliver -they are politicians - not crime investigators.

Wherever you are and whenever you read this, please close your eyes and maintain a moment of silence for the victims. Please pray that their souls find the gates of heaven and rest in peace forever.

Follow the real news -

P.S. - What surprises me the most is that what were so many people doing at a tiny bakery shop ?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Dhoka !

This has turned out to be a terrible day for me. I hope this day ends asap. Like more 3-4 hours to go ?

Yea Yea, I know it's V Day and I am supposed to be out with Sonia ji having a nice time. I know what you are thinking. But I am not going to tell you what happened with me today. I am sick and tired of people making fun of me and laughing at me all the time. Even the shopkeepers couldn't control their laughter and few them even said, "Chal. Aage badh. Chutta nahi hai". Sigh. Hell no, I am not going to tell you anything at all.

Geez ! Don't Push me.



I don't know. It's like Déjà vu I guess. The similar thing had happened to me when I was like 20 years old. Today after a stressful day, which includes buying a gift for Sonia ji, visiting the gym, etc., I finally got ready to go meet her and take her out for dinner. I went back to the hotel where I was supposed to be meeting her. Got out of my car and the valley guy couldn't control his laughter as well. See ? This is exactly what I was complaining about earlier. Everyone keeps laughing at me. What is so funny ? Can't I own a car ? Aah well. Anyway. So I entered the hotel and stopped by the Chinese restaurant to make some reservation for ourselves. My eyes couldn't help but notice a Grey couple sitting far across in a corner. Oh good Lord ! It is Sonia ji with a black guy dude - regular eye contacts and Sonia ji blushing all the time. I recognise this black guy. He is the one from the movie Fashion. Yes, the same one, who drugs Priyanka Chopra and both wake up together the next morning. There goes my heart, shattered into pieces. Couldn't help but cry and now I am back in my hotel room writing this post for you pathetic people who just care about laughing at the expense of an old man. I am done for today. I hope tomorrow is a better day and the sun shines with a new ray of hope.

I just have one question left unanswered.

Since when did black dudes starting digging Chinese food ?

Valentine's Day : Feb 14, 2010, 09:00 hrs

Woke up early today to go and buy a gift for Sonia Ji. Err..Why ?? Huh ?? Come On.. It's Valentine's day !! I know I am too old for all this. But have you heard of the song - Dil toh Baccha hai, Thoda Kaccha hai :)

So. Anyway. Wish me luck ! I hope the shopkeepers don't go loco laughing at me and no one calls up the mental hospital mistaking me for some crazy old guy.

I wouldn't blame them though !!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My name is Singh - Manmohan Singh - Singh is King !

I was in Mumbai on Friday to watch Shah Rukh's 'My name is Khan' along with the Sonia ji. Don't be surprised, eh ! Me and Sonia ji :$ have seen too many movies before and we both share the same taste. Though I still wonder why she wanted to watch it in Mumbai. Maybe she is still trying her luck in Bollywood ?!? What do you think ?

We decided to have our own romantic time with a little bit of 'Mumbai Darshan', roam around in the Public transport, have pani puri, etc. and also visit the infamous 'Lovers Point'. We set off on foot early in the morning trying to duplicate Rahul's stunt of travelling by train a few days earlier. But wherever we went, guys wouldn't stop whistling at Sonia Ji and kept calling me names. We finally decided to travel in our own private car, have our own privacy and save ourselves from those rocks thrown at the BEST buses by the Orange people. Finally we reached Fun Cinemas, Versova for our 'My name is Khan' show just to realise that the cops were all over the place and so were the Orange people. We usually book our tickets online at but even though we had our tickets booked online, we were still afraid to enter through the front gate. It broke my heart to see Sonia Ji upset and I decided to take her through the gate at the backside. The cops caught us thinking that we were one of those Oranges who were there to burn down the movie hall and took us to the police station. They kept interrogating us and none of them even recognised who we were. I kept saying, "My name is Singh - Manmohan Singh" and most of the cops were rolling on the floor laughing their asses off. What is wrong with my name ? Why were they laughing so much ?