Monday, February 15, 2010

13th February, 2010 - Bomb blast in Pune

So busy with my Valentine blues that it skipped my mind to mention about the bomb blast that occurred in Pune on 13th Feb. Well most of my news comes from Sonia ji but so far I have heard that the explosion took place in some stupid German Bakery where there were always complains about they serving stale food and customers were mostly dopers than anybody else. Sadly though atleast 9 people were left dead with 57 wounded badly. May their souls rest in peace.

As always, after any terrorist attack, I always seem to feel helpless about the situation. But I have already asked my people to dig into this matter and get to the bottom of this asap. My sincere apoligies if they fail to deliver -they are politicians - not crime investigators.

Wherever you are and whenever you read this, please close your eyes and maintain a moment of silence for the victims. Please pray that their souls find the gates of heaven and rest in peace forever.

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P.S. - What surprises me the most is that what were so many people doing at a tiny bakery shop ?


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